Everything we don't know is interesting

Collaboration is key to create groundbreaking HARD- and SOFTware innovations .

We are a diverse team with different background. Both in our business and private lives we love to sit together and think beyond limitations.

Miro Taphanel portrait
DR.-ING. | Founder

miro taphanel

Before Gixel, Miro was a team lead at the Fraunhofer Institute, building high speed optical measurement hardware.

He studied mechanical engineering and has a PHD in informatics.

Miro is a competitive sailor, when you can’t reach him he is on a sailboat. He also has his own CNC miller at home.

Dipl.-Ing. | Founder

felix nienstaedt

Felix is an entrepreneur at heart and founded several startups before. He gained a lot of business insights over the years and has worked on 3 continents.

He graduated as an architect, but also has a passion for computer science and developing complex software.

Felix is a skilled Skipper of sailing yachts and always happy to share his opinion about Pizza.

Felix & Miro
..did many regatta’s together

Felix Nienstaedt portrait
Ding Luo portrait
Dr.-Ing. | Founder

ding luo

Ding holds a PhD in optics. He is considered an expert in the fields of optical measurement systems and computational imaging.

His specialty: the rapid translation of theory into functional software.

In his free time he is particularly interested in AI.

Miro & Ding
Worked in the same team at Fraunhofer Institute.