the way
we meet.

video calls suck

Why? We are still using technology that has basically been the same since the 1960s: There is bad acoustics, the lack of eye-contact and just a part of the body is visible, and therefor miss-out on 55% of our communication, which is non-verbal.

We are creating a solution where remote communication feels natural.

as if they are really here

Imagine sitting in a meeting room alone, then your colleagues join the room virtually, but it feels as if they are really there.

Not on a video screen
, but actual sitting next to you:
... you feel their presence
... you turn your head and make eye-contact
... you brainstorm together on a piece of paper

current status

_a Functional prototype that we are using daily

next steps

_our product will be tested by external users

_the launch of a high quality version for enterprises

_building a museum for old video conferencing soft- and hardware