EVERYDAY AR GLASSES For a post Smartphone Era

everyday ar

We redefine 'Everyday AR' as the seamless integration of augmented reality into daily life. It transcends traditional AR/MR/VR boundaries by enabling users to wear AR devices throughout the day, effortlessly bringing spatial computing into their daily routines.

"Imagine a world where AR is not just a tool for specific applications but an integral part of your daily life—a wearable companion enhancing your reality continuously."


Our vision is realized when an AR device becomes an extension of oneself, comfortably worn throughout the day, effortlessly blending into your lifestyle.


Everyday AR unlocks the potential of spatial computing, making it instantly available without the need to wear the device for a specific task. It's not just a device; it's a gateway to a new era.

"Everyday AR is our gateway to a post-smartphone era, seamlessly integrating digital and physical realities."