the way
we meet.

3 people wearing glasses having a meeting

Communication is at the core of humanity

...it changes how we feel and see things. We want to make communication for everyone in the world simple and instantaneous. If we succeed, there is more laughter, more empathy, and more joy.

video calls suck

In remote communication we rely on communication through video. But why?

Why we are still using technology that has basically been the same since the 1960s: There is bad acoustics, the lack of eye-contact and just a part of the body is visible, and therefore we mis-out on 55% of our communication, which is non-verbal. 

We are creating a solution where remote communication feels natural.

as if they are really here

Imagine sitting together with your family, friends, colleagues or client from overseas; you in your living room, they in theirs, but it feels as if you are sharing a room.

Not on a video screen in front of you
, but actual sitting next to you:

you feel their presence although you are not looking at them directly

you turn your head and make eye-contact

you brainstorm together on a piece of paper