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building the communication tool of the future

Communication is the main aspect that drives human development.

At the moment we can establish a communication channel with any person in the world, almost instantly, and yet an in-person meeting has a completely different quality.

with the Holodeck, Gixel brings remote communication to the level of a face-to-face meeting.

Participants don't need a setup, but walk into the holodeck with their Gixel glasses and meet the other participants in life size.

Picture taken through the current Gixel AR glasses

Gixel life size hologram icon of 2 people full body
life size

An extremely large field of view, allowing for more than just a - cropped - window.

Icon showing two people across from each other pointing a gun through a computer
Address a person

It is immediately clear where the participants' attention is: ‘can YOU do that for me please’

3 people in a debate, the middle person hears the person speak from the left

Audio comes from the right direction; heads turn subconsciously as in real life.

icon: two people making eye contact
Eye contact and
body language

...working materials such as paper, pen, laptop and a whiteboard can be used as usual.

The first version of our Holodeck in action

Gixel glasses ray-ban style. Photo by Balsamini
our innovation | Gixel glasses

The better AR- glasses

Not like a helmet, but looks & feels like normal glasses (including your individual visual acuity).

Your face is not covered and therefore facial expression and direct eye contact are preserved.

Designed for day-to-day use
: Lightweight and therefore truly comfortable.

current status

a Functional prototype that we are using daily

next steps

our product will be tested by external users

the launch of a high quality version for enterprises

building a museum for old video conferencing soft- and hardware

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