the main aspect that drives human development.

At the moment we can establish a communication channel with any person in the world, almost instantly, and yet an in-person meeting has a completely different quality.


at the core of humanity changes how we feel and see things.

We want to make remote communication feel natural and instantaneous for everyone in the world. If we succeed, there will be more laughter, more empathy, and more joy.

Picture taken through the current Gixel AR glasses


as if they are really here

Imagine sitting in a meeting room alone, then your colleagues join the room virtually, but it feels as if they are really there.

Not in front of you on a video screen, but actual sitting next to you in the same room;
- You feel their presence although you are not looking at them directly...
- You turn your head to make eye-contact...
- You brainstorm together with a piece of paper in front of you