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Research Scientist & Engineer, 6 DoF Motion Sensing and 3D reconstruction


NOTE Gixel GmbH and Viaholo GmbH work together as a research cooperation on the future of communication. Viaholo is a 100% subsidiary of Sprin-D, and thus of the Federal Republic of Germany.

At Gixel our goal is to explore, innovate and design a novel next generation augmented reality experience. Our research in Computer Vision, Localization, Sensor Fusion, and Machine Learning enables a scene understanding for our AR technology. Our team explores, develops, and delivers new cutting-edge tracking technologies with realtime capabilities.

We are looking for candidates with experience in Machine Learning and Signal Processing, to drive the development of a novel software and hardware tracking system.

  • Condense state of the art results tracking technology into a real time 6 degree of freedom (DoF) AR tracking system
  • Work with the team to help define, implement, and validate data collection pipelines, and run practical experiments related to Sensor Systems and Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Design and implement state-of-the-art Machine Learning Algorithms using PyTorch, TensorFlow, or other platforms
  • Implement real time low latency algorithms on embedded hardware 

Minimum Qualifications
  • Experience with Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO), Sensor Fusion and State Estimation
  • Experience in software engineering in C/C++
  • Interpersonal experience with cross-group and cross-culture collaboration

Preferred Qualifications
  • Hands-on experience working with Motion Sensors such as Inertial Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Magnetometers, Ultrasonic Transducers
  • 3+ years’ industry experience working with modern Machine Learning algorithms, specifically Deep Convolutional Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, Clustering, and Dimensionality Reduction
  • 3+ years’ experience in building and training machine learning models in Python, using PyTorch or TensorFlow
  • Familiarity with the emerging Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies
  • High levels of creativity and quick problem-solving skills

About Gixel

Gixel is on a mission to build the next generation communication device: An immersive AR-glass that lets you communicate with a feeling of presence – like if they were here. We are a selected Startup by the Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation, including a long term financial funding commitment. We are bringing together world class researchers and engineers to change the way we meet.  


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